LC/SG closed for 4th of July

Liquid Courage and Sailor's Grave will be closed Saturday, July 4th to blow shit up.  Liquid Courage will re-open Monday at noon and Sailor's Grave will re-open Tuesday at noon.  Have fun and stay safe out there!



Dave, Tobias, J & Jeremy have left

THE FACTS as we know them: 1: The team of Jeremy, Dave, J and Tobias have started their own studio in downtown Omaha. Tenth Sanctum.

2: Professional Courtesy Intended Only

We (both companies) will likely contact / be contacting you in the next few days. This is as a courtesy to OUR customers as a whole. It is important to BOTH companies that you realize your importance to us. LC will contact you for this simple reason: you came to Liquid Courage and you deserve our attention and answers if you have questions. You also have the ULTIMATE right to get your tattoo from whomever you are comfortable with! All parties would agree.

3: Clients and Deposits

The artists who left have rightfully retained ALL of the deposits for tattoo work left for their clients. · If you choose to keep your original appointment with them, they have your deposit and will honor your appointment.

· If you choose to be tattooed at Liquid Courage they will return said deposit and you of course still get credit with us.

4: We will be working harder.

· Never scared us before. Doesn’t scare us now.

· This vacuum does create more tattoo work for all of us. And we couldn’t be more ready for it. (Some know my rant about ownership)… More paperwork and errands, less tattooing = suck.

· We get to do what we LOVE MOST. Tattoo! And more of it. We all do. And it’s pretty awesome.

· Family and friends have been OVERWHELMING. Offers of all kinds have flowed in constantly. We could not be more grateful.

5: All are welcome. You love LC/SG AND Tenth? Werd.

· Many clients of LC/SG have tattoos from several different members of the LC family (and now extended family) ex: Huge piece started with J… But appointments coming up with Jason.

· That is TOTALLY acceptable. We at LC have always encouraged and referred to our clients as tattoo collectors. Different from “a guy with a tattoo”. Collect from anywhere you think will enrich your “Gallery” !

· KNOW you are always welcome at either place. (certainly we speak from only our perspective, but I am sure it is mutual… Remember, I have known these guys better than my own flesh and blood for 10+ years in most cases)

6: It’s a break up.

· Like all others, emotions CANNOT be taken out of it. You WILL NOT hear a bad UNTRUTH spoken about ANY of Tenth’s artists on my watch.

· I won’t tolerate it on social media either. None of us at LC will. Please don't speak on our behalf. We speak for ourselves. To the faces of those we intend to speak about.

· We speak freely in our shop. They will as well. Expect the truth from 2 different perspectives. But, we were given no reason and need none.

· The idea that you can build your own business in your image, as you see it, drove LC and largely (I believe) drove this decision and the rest found an opportunity.

· These things happen. Not always this way, and frankly, it could’ve gone better and differently. HOWEVER, I encourage the entrepreneurial spirit. ‘Murica! (as they say)

7: Colleagues vs. Competition

· If you’ve been tattooed by anyone at LC over the years, you know our culture. We have NO COMPETITION only colleagues in a hugely popular industry.

· From our perspective we love the “New Tattoo Culture” one where shops intermingle and the lines between them have been blurred. We would like it to stay that way. Often you have seen us in “mixed-shop-art-shows” Going all the way back to ours and Nate Beavers’ art show while he was at Big Brain (’03?) to the most recent Benson First Friday shows with artists from Iron Brush. (this last fall) We love the new accepting culture of art in our industry and intend to continue that with those who are willing.

8: The only thing that stays constant? CHANGE.

· 2013 has thrown some very interesting/incredible/horrible/heart-breaking/truly amazing things our way.

· These changes are tough sometimes, necessary others and joyous in different situations.

· Our shop has seen parents pass, tattooers in need, new (long awaited) faces join, degrees earned, marriages, babies born and some still anticipated, good friends fallen ill and break-ups and yes, tattooers gone ALL IN ONE YEAR (most of these THIS MONTH !!! whew.)

· For every bad thing, we’ve had a joyous one take it’s place and vice versa.

· Pick your favorite cliché… Mine, “You don’t like the weather in Nebraska? Wait 10 minutes”

· Challenges make us stronger. Happy events are the gift of the gods for those who work harder, who push further. We’ve been BLESSED with both many times over.

9: Liquid Courage and Sailor’s Grave are in full operation.

· Jason, Johnna and I have all started to take on more days per week to accommodate some requests for tattoos at our studio.

· Appointments are available and SOON.

· As with so many other things this year, the Sailor’s Grave schedule is a bit in flux- please be patient, we have some exciting news on that front coming quickly!

10: YOU the clients/family/friends are always our focus.

· Rising tide raises all boats and frankly the challenges of this year have raised our commitment to you even higher. Even before all of this.

· Many of our tattooers have been gathering in the wee hours of the night to paint, draw and compose together as a challenge to ourselves to give you better tattoos. To collaborate. To strengthen our core.

· Jarad and Chelsea are working harder piercing and helping from every angle! Even coming in days off to help out

· Johnna is carrying even more of the administrative load to free up some time for me to tattoo. All while staying busy as hell tattooing, and caring for her herd at home

· Jonny “the No-sleeve-ed” IS KILLING it at Sailor’s piercing and conducting nearly all business.

· Chad and Ryan have even redesigned their entire rooms to be surrounded by even more inspiring art/imagery. You should see these spaces. Whoa. While running homes of their own

· Andrew is quite literally juggling a baby, a tattoo machine, his trusty iPhone, and scissors. Working HARD. (don’t worry he’s only dropped them all a couple times… the baby’s fine) Quite the juggler, that one.

· Jason has taken on another day a week tattooing and taken the tattooing and drawing to some NEW level. Unreal. Family stuff, hockey, holidays, conventions too. Good thing he's done with school!

· And I have opened up 2 more days a week. Albeit somewhat temporarily (4-6 months/until Johnna wants to kill me for not carrying my share of the load for the “boring shit”) to accommodate the aforementioned requests of clients.

· Nick is, as always, holding it down. And just being NICK about everything can be it’s own job! Hahaha! That dude is the glue for ALL the behind the scenes stuff.

· Mark too is working hard, 2 jobs, schooling, career searching and anchoring our Saturdays and Nick’s necessary time off.

We’re wishing the Tenth Boys, You and all of yours a great New Year. I think we all earned it. Right?

With only LOVE, Devin and The Liquid Courage Tattoo Co.




PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILDREN TO THE TATTOO SHOP WITH YOU!!! We understand that it is difficult to make arrangements for your children, but the tattoo shop is an adult environment and you can't watch your kids when you're trying to set up appointments for awesome back pieces and sleeves. Most people don't think about it and have no one to watch their children while they're setting up appointments or trying to get pierced.


We realize that many people have children that are generally well behaved, but you still have to have someone watch them if you're getting pierced in a separate room, so if you're stopping in to get pierced or set up appointments, please plan ahead and make arrangements for the kids or bring someone along to watch them. If you have an appointment, please, find a sitter. Regardless of how well behaved your child is, we can not have them in the tattoo rooms.




Call or email?

phone We do realize that electronic communication has become a staple in our society, BUT if you choose to ask a question via facebook or email, please have some patience with us and don't email us that morning expecting a return email by noon. Being as there are thousands of you and only a handful of us, if you feel your question needs to be answered in a 24 hour period, please just call the shop at 402-926-4968. We try our hardest to get back to everyone in a prompt manner, but it is FAR EASIER to have a brief conversation on the telephone rather than emailing back and forth multiple times.